Our Approach

Our PURPOSE: Landmark Futures Ltd

1. We’re driven to help people transform their own lives, business & customer experiences.
2. Building teams and organisations to do “extraordinary things”.
3. Support M&A’s and the sale of organisations
4 Coaching C-Level leaders
5 Building fit-for-purpose governance.

John & Annette

Whether seeking our guidance, or C-Level / Board level coaching or mentoring, we can help you assess all aspects of your business that impact and/or have an outcome for your customers, and the running and governance of your organisation.

We take the “helicopter approach” and help you focus on those parts of your business that make the most impact on the customer experience and your profitiability.

We take a “flexible approach” to help you achieve your goals and we share our guidance to help you achieve your Future Landmarks .

We “listen” to what your goals and needs are and those of your customers…and help you put in plans for change.