Achieve the extraordinary


Welcome to Landmark Futures Ltd management consultancy. We’re here to help you achieve the extraordinary and to grow, help inspire you and to help you become better at what you do and what your organisation does.

Our PURPOSE: Landmark Futures Ltd

1. We’re driven to help people transform their own lives, business & customer experiences
2. Building teams and organisations to “achieve the extraordinary”
3. Support M&A’s and the sale of organisations
4 Coaching C-Level leaders
5 Building fit-for-purpose governance

John & Annette

What we do

  • Management consultancy for strategic guidance – because transformational change makes better organisations.
  • Coaching and mentoring for C-Level leaders and your board’s or team development.
  • Marketing, CRM and the customer focus of your business priorities are at the heart of our approach.
  • Governance and risk guidance.
  • Merger, disposals and acquisition guidance.

We aim to achieve the extraordinary. Above all else, Landmark Futures Ltd has a team with a depth of experience and understanding across the Public and Private Sectors. However, our key role is to help people transform their lives, business and customer experiences. Because leadership and building teams is at the heart of doing extraordinary things, and we can probably help you by sharing our insights and guidance.

See What we do and our Approach

The team

See John’s & Annette’s LinkedIn Pages . Our Landmark Futures management consultancy team is experienced on most areas of business. The combination of skills and experience we hope will bring to bare the right kind of solutions for you, your business and your customers.


Therefore, the Landmark Futures management consultancy team have experience from the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. Also, insights across sectors such as business transformation, customer operations, commercial, marketing, sales, digital etc. Furthermore those corporate areas that support front line services.

Above all, C-level leaders are likely to benefit from, for instance, the coaching and mentoring that the team can bring, and the team has varied experiences to share leaders in different fields of work and customer delivery.